Grace de Guia

An avid fan of dance growing up, Grace would hear music and it would set her body into motion.
From the beginning, she took classes in every dance she could find. Whether it was ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, swing or salsa. But it was not until she discovered Argentine Tango that she found the dance she would fall in love with.
Passion was born and she began immersing herself in every class she could find. Eventually leading her to take coachings from world champions Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo. Five years later she discovered ballroom dancing and became devoted to learning more on her eventual new path in life.
After more than 7 years of studying dance as a student, she finally took the plunge and left the corporate world to follow her passion full time. From student to instructor, teacher, and performer, she has continued to advance her skills and enjoys sharing it with others.
When she isn’t dancing, you can find her laughing it up with her friends, embracing her love for sci-fi/fantasy geekiness and indulging in delicious culinary delights!

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